Why only Engage during work hours?

When dis-engagement can happen anytime!

Round the clock Employee Engagement


All it takes is a few seconds to make someone’s day better. Recognize them and share the admiration with others.


Give or get feedback from colleagues to help each other grow.


Capture the pulse of the employees anytime through surveys & polls.


Break down silos by connecting with a random colleague. Make your brand visible.


No feedback is complete without a goal. Set up learning goals with specific outcomes & key results.


Ideas have strange timings to surface. Share with the organization for implementation.

Karma Points

Reward points for every interaction on the app to ensure higher adoption.

Company Wall

A dynamic social space to discover everything that’s happening within the organization.


Employee’s personal space to showcase their brand.

Engage your employees,
right where they are!

For Employees

For HRs

For Leaders

HRMS is for resource management,
not engagement!

Still not convinced?
Download the app to try out!

The Uniify app is only available for business use;
please speak to us if you’d like to try the app for your organisation.