The Key Drivers of Employee Engagement

Transforming technology, disruptive business models, and changing work culture reshaped the working styles of organizations. Employees being the pillars of the organization, companies are swimming against the transformations and challenges of the business world to keep their employees engaged.

Here are 9 key drivers of employee engagement that actively engage employees in an organization.

1. Empowered Leaders Nurture Engaged Employees

A good leader is a key driver of employee engagement in an organization. Leaders play a crucial role in shaping the organization as well as employees. Dale Carnegie’s study states that only 26% of leaders believe that employee engagement is an essential part of their work. Mainly front-line managers play a big role in employee engagement. Empowered and optimistic leaders build strong relationships with their employees, value them, and in turn inspire them to add value to the organization.

2. Strong Mutual Trust

Trust is the essence of any relationship and organizations are not an exception. A Harvard study says that trust makes a meaningful difference in employee engagement. Employees and leaders with strong mutual trust, engage better and will go the extra mile to add value to the organization. Employees who feel trusted are satisfied and highly engaged.

3. Growth & Opportunity

Employees obviously look for opportunities that help them grow in their career life. Leaders are equally responsible for facilitating the right opportunity for the right employee at the right time in an organization. Employees who strongly foresee their growth along with the organization’s plans and goals, will engage better and retain in the organization.

4. Recognition & Reward

People feel valued when their efforts and contributions are recognized. Gallup conducted a survey on the memorable recognition of employees. Apart from monetary benefits, the respondents consider public appreciation, pride in work, and personal recognition as memorable ones. Effective, honest, and timely recognition makes employees productive and engaged.

5. Timely & Constructive Feedback

Feedback does not stop with performance reviews of employees alone. It has to be bidirectional. It goes further beyond driving employees towards improvement, productivity, and engagement. Along with engaging employees, timely and constructive feedback gives employees clarity about their manager’s expectations and helps them in planning future goals.

6. The Voice Of Employees

Employees of all levels in an organization want their voices to be heard and acted upon. Though hearing everyone’s ideas personally is quite tough in bigger organizations, a common virtual platform for sharing ideas will facilitate idea sharing with the whole organization. Idea sharing not only drives engagement and also helps understand the perceptions and approaches of peers towards the same objective.

7. Physical & Mental Wellness

Health always carries utmost importance in our life and professional life is no exception. Healthy employees are more productive and help build the organization. A study by Quantum workplace shows that employees with poor wellness are least engaged. Putting forth employee’s physical as well as mental wellness on priority will ignite employee engagement and the overall growth of the organization.

8. Mission-Oriented Goals

Goals trigger us to take action to achieve them. When it comes to an organization, employees need to frame and work towards the goals keeping in mind the organization’s mission and values as well. Employees who are well aware of the purpose and direction of the goals engage better.

9. Networking & Collaboration

Networking and collaboration go a long way beyond your team. A recent survey by Gallup says that having a networking platform offers employees a lot in a positive manner. Building healthy relationships and networking with peers helps employees to grow as a team finally the organization.


The above key drivers of employee engagement keep employees engaged and productive if executed in the right way. Employee engagement does not happen in a day or two and keeps evolving with our lifestyle. Pandemic hit employee engagement as well because of the shift in the working environment. But with technological advancements, there are solutions to engage employees virtually as well. Uniify is an all-in-one employee engagement platform that helps organizations to engage their employees effectively in day-to-day moments, right where they are.