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Employee engagement is of utmost importance to employees as well as organizations. Even after doing the best of activities, organizations fail to keep their employees engaged for a longer period of time. Slowly and gradually the participation in these activities also goes down. 

Uniify’s story began as an initial conversation with an acquaintance. It led to an intense discussion about what organisations think keeps employees engaged and what employees actually need to stay engaged. And no, it’s not compensation.

While the idea was born from this discussion, our founders couldn’t just rely on one person’s perspective about employee engagement. So, many discussions, researches and surveys later, the real employee needs were understood and Uniify was born.

After multiple approvals and disapprovals, tests & experiments with design and content, the first version of Uniify came to life. 

Initially planned as a web platform, everything changed when Covid struck the world. Organizations were forced to let their employees work remote, which led to a further drop in the engagement index. Something was needed to keep them informed & connected at all times. But emails or chat based tools didn’t help much as once the work laptops were shut, people missed all updates or information shared by the organization. 

Looking at the changing work expectations, we improvised and developed a native-mobile platform instead to serve the purpose for both the organisations & the employees and help them engage in a better way.

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