Why your employee engagement strategies are not working anymore?

Engaging employees is a highly effective business strategy, but it’s easier said than done. In these uncertain times, when most of the employees are remote and companies re-evaluating their back-to-work strategies, the existing ways of engaging employees are no longer proving to fetch results. The engagement levels are going down day-by-day and it’s getting hard to get employees to participate in most activities.

Some of the factors that are affecting engagement levels are:

1. The curse of the Virtual world

The one important lesson this pandemic has taught to us humans is how to survive in a virtual world, isolated but still productive. With everything moving to virtual in personal as well as professional life, the sense of belonging or ownership has gone down. The repeating routine has brought boredom, resulting in loss of creativity, innovation, productivity & in-turn overall engagement.

2. Isolation leads to disengagement

With employees working remotely, the typical 1 hour of engagement per week is not proving to be sufficient. Working from home also means working in isolation and for every small dependency, the employees have to go online to resolve it. This is resulting in longer work hours for the same amount of work. The work-life integration needs a revisit to help employees regain their health and recover from the frequent burnouts.

3. Human Connect

For more than a year & half, most of us are locked indoors due to COVID-19 and the craving for personal connect is more than ever. The water-cooler conversations or lunch meetings or heart to heart sessions that have proved beneficial before are not happening and the employees need a way to interact socially within the company.

“The time has come when the people responsible for ensuring employee engagement have to start thinking differently, and look for tools that provide experiences needed for engagement on a daily basis. You can’t just rely on once-a-week engagement activities. The good news is that the list of such tools is big, but unfortunately, most of these tools just offer 1 or 2 experiences at most. Getting multiple tools won’t solve a thing, but instead bring more maintenance to the pocket.”

What can be done about it?

The need of the hour is a platform that provides multiple experiences for employees. With Uniify, you can start engaging your employees through a plethora of experiences like: Recognition | Feedback | Coffee with Colleague | Goals | Idea | Fitness | Wellness and much more.

The strategic advantage you get is that all these experiences are tied-up inside one app, so that your employees find it easy to use them. The other advantages includes:
• Improved Employee Retention
• Happier Employees
• Increased Productivity
• Better Collaboration
• Enhanced Work Satisfaction
• High Employee Loyalty


In today’s world, where the employees are distributed between home & office, the effective way to ensure adequate employee engagement is through digital platforms. Look for tools that provide multiple experiences, are easier to use & have the ability to embed your company’s existing cultural values.

Talk to us to learn more about Uniify and how it can help elevate the engagement levels at your organisation.