Why is everyone talking about Employee Engagement?

Most companies are thinking about it;
Many are doing something about it;
Only few are serious about it;
But “rarely” anyone is happy about it.
Employee Engagement (EE) is one of the most talked topic in the corporate world. There are many who claim that they are trying to engage their employees through multiple activities. 

But if you look at them closely, they are still surrounded by the same problem set –
  • employees are not motivated enough;
  • very few of them inspired or aligned with the mission of the company;
  • majority of them feel affected by the dirty office politics;
  • majority of them feel that they are not recognised;
  • no real collaboration exhibited in cross-functional tasks;
– the list may go on & on.
It will be totally wrong to say that none of the current EE activities work. In fact, many of these activities do play a role i.e., they spark the change. But that spark goes off very fast and this very fact makes the job of leadership harder. A recent example that the world has seen recently is low attendance to virtual events and it is going down day-by-day.
Why is that?
Why does the spark fades away so fast? Why doesn’t it last long? Why are employees not interested in virtual events? Well, these are not the questions that will lead us to the right answers. The real questions that we should be asking are –
  • Are we really addressing & giving what the employees need?
  • Are we doing it the right way?
These questions aren’t easy to answer. But they are not tough either! While talking to many senior leaders in the corporate world, you will hear them say   
  • We have done lots of survey about the what the employee wants
  • We have hired the best agencies to analyse the results
  • We have done what was asked by the employees
 And then you ask them the golden question “Did it worked?”
No! A big no. 

We interviewed many employees around the globe and discovered that the employee needs are simple yet unaddressed. They need –
  • Individual recognition about whatever small contributions they have made
  • Timely feedback on how they can make much broader contributions
  • Opportunities to share their ideas & take them towards implementation
  • An environment where their personal goals are prioritised
  • Every day focus on their well-being
Now, these are no alien needs. We all have known these for a longer time, but the difference in the current testing times is they all are needed together. You miss one or few and the feeling of disengagement creeps in and spreads.
Uniify, from Arkgeniq, is the first 360-degree employee engagement platform that not only focusses on the above needs list but offers more experiences, all in just one mobile app. Being mobile app is an advantage as it goes with the user wherever she goes, providing 24×7 experiences. 
 Talk to us to learn more about Uniify and how it elevate the engagement levels at your organisation. 
 Remember, employee engagement is not something you can impose through a tool, rather it has to be build slowly into our daily lives. The tools come in handy if it offers what you need at the exact time when you need it.