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Be part of the ultimate well-being revolution. Unify Corporate League serves as a worldwide stage, dedicated to promoting the health and vitaly of corporate teams from diverse sectors.

About Uniify Corporate League


An inter-corporate tournament where global teams compete to uplift their wellbeing culture.​


Nov 16 till Nov 30


Register > Add Team > Onboard Uniify > Compete


Encourage overall wellbeing & habit building for the employees, while having loads of fun.​

A step with Uniify is a step towards a healthier, happier, and more connected corporate world. Embrace the revolutionary change with us, and let’s move towards well-being, together.

Tournament Details

UCL 2.0 goes beyond the ordinary; it’s a holistic celebration of health, unity, and self-improvement.


Uniify Corporate League covers four unique parameters:


Step into fitness and challenge your team to walk more.

Emotion Tracking

Reflect and log your emotions, fostering emotional intelligence.

Water Intake Monitoring

Stay hydrated with a focus on your daily water intake.

Guided Breathing

Discover inner calm through guided breathing exercises.


Form teams within your organization and compete as a united force. Encourage each other to excel in different categories and unite in your well-being journey.

Flexible Participation

It doesn’t matter where your employees are – office, home or somewhere else.  You can participate in this tournament from anywhere. Whether you’re a seasoned well-being enthusiast or just starting, our tournament accommodates all fitness levels. Set your own well-being goals and participate at your pace.

FAQs for Participants

Visit the registration form, enter your details, make the payment and submit. Once we receive your payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email.


The tournament is 15 days  long. It starts on November 16 & runs till November 30. 



It is a team-based competition & individual participation is not allowed. Each team must have 10 members.



Each team member is validated through their company email address & respective LinkedIn profile.


The leaderboard will be updated in real-time, allowing you to track your position throughout the tournament. It will be a public leaderboard, so your non-participating colleagues will also be able to view the stats.


Top-performing teams will receive trophies and recognition for their well-being achievements. There are few individual prizes as well.



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